Welcome to Caliburn Press

It is the privilege of Caliburn Press, LLC to welcome any author, proofreader, editor, or 
marketer who has lost, or will lose, a contract or job due to the closing of Samhain 
Publishing. Please contact Alan Leddon directly at CEO@caliburnpress.com.

About  Us!

Caliburn Press, LLC is the publishing company that owns C-YA, Damnation Books, Eternal Press, Melliferia Press, Siento Sordida Publishing, Spero Publishing, and Vollmar Games.
We bring books in a variety of genres and reading levels to a wide range of interest groups. It doesn’t matter what you like, we’ve got something for everyone.


Spero Publishing: Spero Publishing was established in 2010 by Alan and Bekki Leddon, and focuses primarily on non-fiction for minor religions and spiritual paths. Our A Child’s Eye View series is an expanding resource for easy-to-read explanations of religions, spiritual practices, and well-researched mythologies.

Damnation Books: Predating the current ownership, Damnation provides novels of dark horror and related genres.

Eternal Press: Also predating the current ownership, Eternal provides novels of every genre. Eternal Press was started in Australia, then sold to Canadian ownership, then to owners in California, and now resides in Wisconsin.

Melliferia Press: Started October 13th, 2015, Melliferia is currently awaiting its first author and book. The imprint will offer educational books of all kinds, with a special interest in those geared to actors, young teens, tabletop gamers, and writers.

Siento Sordida Publishing: Started in 2011, this press had four adult books before it was shut down in 2014 by the owner due to personal problems faced by the three authors. Now owned by Caliburn Press, Siento Sordida will be used for books that, while of otherwise high quality, are extremely controversial, disturbing, “hot,” or violent.

C-YA (Caliburn Young Adult Books): was created in March of 2016 in response to concerns voiced by one of our authors. Young Adult Books that are currently with the company will be rebranded for C-YA, and new young adult books are already being processed.
Vollmar Games: Caliburn’s first five board games are being converted into the appropriate format for distribution now. Vollmar will be accepting board games, table-top RPGs, puzzle books, and much more. We look forward to expanding into this line of entertainment.

Our Experience Shows!

We have combined two top-notch crews of editors and illustrators to form a team with extraordinary talent and ability. Many of the authors already working with us have won awards for the quality of their writing.

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