Do you need cover art?

Even if you are NOT publishing your book through Caliburn Press, you can still get your covers done by our talented and professional team of cover artists – with no further obligations! We will not harass you to publish with us, we won’t try to sell you editing or other unrelated services, and we never, ever sell email addresses or other information. We also won’t check to see if you actually use the image for a book cover – use it for whatever you need!
To get started, please download THIS FILE, fill it in, and return it with your payment.
For only $75, our team of cover artists will produce a professional quality cover for your book!
Contact Dawné at for more information.
See examples of our cover artists’ work at!
We also don’t care if you buy a cover from us to use with a book published by a competitor – as long as you, the author, are happy with the cover. 

The Agreement:

Your payment entitles you to ask for up to three drafts of a single image in total. However, you are only purchasing the rights to use one draft; the other two versions belong to the illustrator. A refund of your payment is only possible if the images provided are of substandard quality or clearly do not match your initial request. If your fee is refunded, you do not have the right to use any images created on your behalf. The CEO of Caliburn Press is the final arbiter of whether a refund is due.

Your cover image will be assigned and completed as quickly as possible while providing a high-quality book cover. The agreement is for the front cover, only, and Caliburn Press will not provide the spine or back cover.

Illustrators reserve the right to use the image chosen by the author for any non-commercial uses, including in portfolios and other displays.

Authors cannot make changes to the design, claim it as their own work, or sell it/sell rights to use it.

Caliburn Press, LLC will not make use of the information gained via this transaction to recruit or advertise to the author.

The foregoing paragraphs constitute the entire agreement between the author and Caliburn Press, LLC.