Do you need proofreading?

Starting August 15th, 2016, Caliburn Press will offer proofreading and editing services to anyone outside our company – businesses, students, independent authors, and so on. We’ll even offer this to our competitors.

Other proofing and editing services will charge over $2000 as a flat fee, or will charge several dollars per 250 words. That gets pricey.
Our team of experienced professional editors will proofread/edit your work four times (three different proofreaders), including one using editing software, for a more reasonable rate, as follows:


Short < 25,001 words $150.00
Medium 25,001 to 55,000 words $250.00
Long 55,001 to 90,000 words $300.00
Large 90,001 to 100,000 words $425.00
Super > 100,000 words $500.00

The proofed document will be returned within 30 days. Rush orders (14 days) cost double.

To submit your work, put on a heading with your name, email address, and the date that your work must be returned, and email it to Make your payment via Paypal to We will begin editing as soon as we receive notification from Paypal that the payment has been received.